We represent the sector in contacts with many groups of stakeholders. Through our activities, we protect the rights and interests of the members as well as the economic and social aspects of their functioning.

We take an active part in hundreds of national and EU legislative processes and in shaping regulatory solutions. There are five thematic committees in the PIPC structure, composed of members of the organization and external experts.

Key areas of activity of advocacy and legislation

Monitoring and participation in the legislative process

Advocacy and protection of the interests of the chemical industry

Reports, analyses and studies

participation in the legislative process

Legislative monitoring

Cooperation with public administration - national and EU

Drafting positions and proposals for amendments

Participation in parliamentary committees, presentation of positions, preparation of legislative amendments

Participation in consultations on draft laws and regulations

Participation in bi- and multilateral consensus conferences, meetings in parliament, ministries, central offices and the EU administration

Commenting on draft legislation in cooperation with Members, coalition building with interested institutions and organisations, media activities

Transmission of legislative positions and analyses to the Chancellery of the President, the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, the European Commission, meetings with decision-makers

PIPC Commisions

The Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry has 5 Commissions and 3 Thematic Forums – working groups, in which a total of more than 460 representatives of PIPC member companies participate. Only representatives of PIPC member companies can be members of the Commissions and Forums.

Thematic forums

Within the Committees of the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry there are also smaller working groups, the so-called Topical Forums, in which work dedicated to one specific area is undertaken. Thematic Forums are successively created in response to the needs of the Members of the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry. Membership of the Forums, as in the case of the Thematic Commissions, may only be representatives of companies that are Members of the PIPC.