We run a number of projects for the chemical industry related to its areas of interest. We also organize events of key importance for the entire chemical industry.

As a result, we create a strong message about the importance of the entire sector, promote our members, engage in dialogue with the administration, create space for building business relations, and integrate the chemical industry with representatives of other industries.

PIPC Projects

Polish Chemistry Campaign

The Polish Chemistry Campaign is an original project of the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry and the only undertaking of its kind to promote an industry sector so important to the Polish economy. The main objective of the Polish Chemistry Campaign is to strengthen the industry’s image as a sector that cares for the environment, promotes innovation, creates jobs, respects sustainable development and is socially responsible.

Polish Chemistry Congress

The Polish Chemistry Congress is one of the most important events of the chemical industry in Poland and an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences, present innovative ideas and strategies for the chemical industry. In addition to general issues, the thematic sessions we propose are based on current issues that are the subject of the work of the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry and the PIPC committees.

Safe Chemistry Program

The only project in Poland dedicated to safety in the broadest sense, aimed at companies in the chemical sector. The project focuses on issues related to process safety, the importance of OSH (occupational safety and health), legislation and cooperation with control bodies and promotion of good practices. The aim of the activities is to raise awareness of the importance of occupational safety in PIPC member companies and to promote the highest standards of safety activities throughout the chemical industry.

Chemistry 4.0

Industry 4.0 and its innovations are no longer a distant trend of the future. For many companies, they are an everyday activity and can be one of the key elements of their strategic development. The chemical sector, is one of the most intensive users of modern solutions, but still faces numerous challenges in introducing them.

ChemHR Program

The original program of the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry ChemHR enables, among other things, future graduates to adapt their knowledge and skills to the needs of the labour market and to gain work experience while still at university. It supports companies in attracting the best candidates for employees from among the students of partner universities.


TECHCO Forum is a meeting forum for representatives of the entire domestic industry. The event is a platform for discussions, presentations, case-studies and the latest product solutions for the entire Polish industry. Next to the Polish Chemistry Congress, TECHCO Forum is the biggest project of the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry.

"Responsible Care" Program

The chemical industry was one of the first industries to embark on a business based on the search for solid and credible attitudes of ‘sustainable development’, leading to prosperity with equity and a sense of security and sustainability of ecological functions. It has made an effort to introduce modern environmental management programmes, implement clean and safe technologies and, most importantly, open public communication about its activities. In Poland, the programme operates under the supervision of the PIPC.

SPOT System

The main objective of the SPOT System is to reduce the effects of accidents in the transport of hazardous materials by supporting the operational activities of the State Fire Service and other emergency services in the country.